My dream is to be a game designer

Since my childhood I have always been passionate about Video Games. I tried to get into creating games via RPG Maker but felt too limited by the software which prompted me to get into programing languages. It led to me to graduate with a Master of Computer Science specialized into Computer Graphics. I liked this course as it gave me a good understanding of how video games are made.

My dream job is to be game designer.

I am curious, I like to discover and learn new things, especially with sciences and technologies. I try to be honest, at least without hurting others. I like to be always on time. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist and may require help to stay focused on things that really matters.

I am mobile in France and Belgium.


Here are peoples you can contact, should you wish to ask them about me:

Pascal TRICOT-CENSIER - Software Architect

He was my supervisor during my internship with Thales SIX GTS and was very pleased with my work.

Benoit CRESPIN - Senior lecturer

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Frédéric CLAUX - Senior lecturer

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