Video Game Module - Unity 3D

Unity Game based on Diablo-likes. This genre felt ideal for a simple 3D game, allowing us to use imported assets and focusing on the programing side.

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Title screen

The game

The goal was to create a simple game using Unity 3D. We chose to make a Hack & Slash type game because it is a simple genre but it requires a little bit of everything we learned about Unity.

We were three peoples on this project.

I worked on the gameplay, programing the movement, camera and combat.

Gameplay iddle


As is tradition, the character is controlled via mouse clicks. To determine where the character should move we used Ray Tracing.

Gameplay Combat


When the pointer hovers over an opponent the character will instead move towards it and attack automatically when in range.

The player has also the option of unleashing a special attack which will hit every enemy in a cone. When pressing the special attack key, a cone will spawn next to the player. The cone will be automatically oriented toward the pointer.

Translucent foreground objects

Some challenges

A problem that quickly emerged is that objects could easily block the view. We resolved that problem by:
– First, giving the possibility to the player to rotate the camera around the main character.
– Second, if there is a wall between the camera and the main character, that wall will become semi-transparent, allowing the player to see the action.